Ten Common Process Problems

How well do your organization’s processes work? The list below highlights ten common process problems that we at Anderson Lyall Consulting Group routinely encounter in our practice work with clients. None of these problems are insurmountable, although some are easier to address than others. In addition, many firms are afflicted with more than one problem – some of these problems are synergistic and tend to occur together.

  1. The organization is neither understood, defined, nor managed as a system of interconnected processes.
  2. The process system is aimed incorrectly, focusing on the wrong customer groups and markets.
  3. The organization’s value chain is not configured with the appropriate processes to create relative cost/price differences from rivals
  4. Process outputs are not fit for purpose, resulting in failure demand.
  5. Process connections and handshakes work poorly, increasing coordination costs.
  6. Process responsibility and authority is neither assigned nor delegated.
  7. Measurements focus too much on local process performance rather than customer outcomes.
  8. Continuous improvement of processes and value chains is either intermittent or lacking.
  9. The economics of processes is not captured nor managed.
  10. Management review of system and process performance is not instituted.

Stewart Anderson




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