Creating Customers

Walking into Chapters last evening and seeing the size of the business books’ section reminded me of the sheer volume of business information available. There is something on just about every business topic you could imagine, and then some.

Yet is this a good thing? Often, our quest for business knowledge takes us down compartmentalized paths where we can easily forget what the real purpose of a business is: to create and keep customers (Peter F. Drucker).

I am almost tempted to offer a truism, Anderson’s Law, if you will: if whatever you are going to do in your business helps you to create and keep a customer, then it is right and good.

Too often, we forget about creating and keeping customers. Many business decisions and actions seem remote and unconnected from this basic purpose. Yet, if we do not keep that end in mind, we can quickly find ourselves trapped in a cul-de-sac where we are no longer connected to the real purpose of a business.

All business decisions and actions should be rationalized according to how well they help fulfill Drucker’s dictum. If any course of action you are contemplating taking has little or no obvious connection to helping your business create and keep customers, then maybe it’s time for a rethink.


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